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Fan coli Sabiana, type CRC

Art: CRC


In line with innovative trends and modern industrial design, the Carisma fan coil range meets today’s demanding requirements of performance, size, acoustics, low energy, ease of installation and maintenance.
The Carisma fan coil unit has been designed around a platform of models, versions and accessories, all of which have been independently tested and certified by Eurovent.
Designed around 5 different versions, the extensive range includes wall and ceiling mounted units, exposed or concealed with either tangential or centrifugal fan options, delivering one of the most versatile ranges of fan coils on the market today.
All CRC fan coils with centrifugal fans are equipped with electric motors which dramatically reduce electrical consumption of up to 40% comparative to previous models, with 6 speed motors as standard offering greater flexibility in the selection of products.
New market trends have also led to an extension of the four pipe model which now has a two row LTHW battery giving improved outputs at lower flow and return temperatures.
As a special option, the Carisma range can be fitted with the Crystall patented electrostatic filter featuring a class D rating according to standard UNI 11254 which equals a traditional mechanical filter of up to F9 without dramatically affecting static pressures.
A full range of control options is available including the Free patented wireless control offering greater flexibility in the installation of units, with the highest precision in monitoring and maintaining the desired comfort conditions.
The Carisma model is complemented with a full range of options and accessories covering items such as electrical heating battery, air inlet/outlet diffusers and condensate pumps.
The CRC series with centrifugal fans comes in 5 versions, 9 sizes, 18 models with single coil and 27 models with double coil, with air flow-rates ranging from 100 to 1500 m3/h, heat outputs from 1 to 17 kW and cooling capacities from 1 to 8 kW.

Tecnical description

  • Outer casing: made with strong synthetic lateral corners and from galvanized and prepainted front steel panel. The plastic top grid has fixed louvres and is reversible in order to distribute the air in two different directions.
    Standard colours:

    • Lateral corners and top grid: Pantone Cool Grey 1C (light grey)
    • Front panel: RAL 9003 (white)
    • Other colours on request.
  • Inner casing: made from galvanized steel insulated with polyolefin (PO) foam (class M1).
  • Filter: polypropylene cellular fabric regenerating filter. The filter frame of galvanized steel is inserted into special plastic sliding guides fastened to the internal structure for easy insertion and removal of the filter. Filter presence is highlighted by a plastic front cover featuring the same colour as the top grid.
  • Fan assembly: the fans have aluminium or plastic blades directly keyed on the motor with double aspiration and they are dynamically and statically balanced during manufacture in order to have an extremely quiet operation.
  • Electric motor: the motor is wired for single phase and has six speeds, three of which are connected, with capacitor. The motor is fitted on sealed for life bearings and is secured on anti-vibration and self-lubricating mountings. Internal thermal protection with automatic reset, protection IP 20, class B.
  • Coil: it is manufactured from drawn copper tube and the aluminium fins are mechanically bonded onto the tube by an expansion process. The coil has two 1/2inch BSP internal connections and 1/8 inch BSP air vent and drain. The coil is not suitable for use in corrosive atmosphere or in environments where aluminium may be subject to corrosion. Flow and return pipe connections are situated at the same end on the left side looking at the unit. On request we can deliver the unit with the connections on the right end side. This operation can also be easily carried out on site during installation.
  • Condensate collection tray: made from plastic with an “L”-shaped plastic fitted on the inner casing; in the MO-MVB
    and IV-IO model the tray is insulated with polyolefin (PO) foam (class M1). The outside diameter of the condensate discharge pipe is 15 mm.