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Galvanized tank for cold water, CE certified (100 – 1000l)

Art: ACM - ACZ


Pressurised tanks with an air cushion for storage and pressurisation of cold water for residential/industrial use. They are used in all plants where the water mains cannot meet the capacity and pressure demands.

The Galvanized autoclaves of ACM/ACZ series must be supplied with:

  • WATER through electric pumps with features that meet the system requirements
  • AIR through the compressor or compressed air network, in order to maintain the air cushion constant

The air cushion will keep pressure constant in the system and protect the pumps from continuous starts due to intake from the mains water supply.
Safety valve and gauges supplied on request.


Tecnical description


  • Min./max. working temperature: -10° – +50°C

Reference standard:

  • Declaration of conformity to essential safety requirements according to 2014/68/UE Directive


  • For hydronic systems